News | February 26, 2015

Interviews and Reviews

Justin Case Prog Radio ran a “Prog Week” special on Patchwork Cacophony at the start of February. As part of that they reviewed the album and interviewed me. The interview is long and ranges over loads of topics so make a mug of tea to drink while you’re waiting for the words to finish streaming out at you.


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News | Ramblings | Releases | December 11, 2014

Patchwork Cacophony Released!

Catchwork Cacophony album coverMy solo album, Patchwork Cacophony was officially released on Monday, and should be available directly from my website and from amazon in various European countries. Wider distribution should follow shortly. It’s also digitally available through the usual channels but I’d strongly recommend that anyone interested gets a copy on CD. Some digital formats (notably mp3) cause gaps between tracks where there’s meant to be a smooth segue. I’m not sure how iTunes’s AAC handles it. If do you prefer digital, bandcamp will let you download it in FLAC format which properly supports gapless play back, but then you’d still be missing out on the artwork…

I feel like I have written more words about it than any other subject but looking at my blog seems to tell another story, so here’s the full story on the album.