| January 5, 2013

Gear List

Most of what I play fits loosely into the category of semi-real instruments. I’m not particularly keen on samples, arpeggiators or workstation keyboards. If money (and recording convenience) were not an issue I’d have a hammond organ, rhodes, wurli and clavs and a couple of analogue synths. Instead I have simulations of the mechanical keyboards above and various old S&S synths which I attempt to mangle to sound nothing like the instruments they purport to be reproducing.


  • Yamaha SU7 Piano
  • Hammond XK3c/XLK3 Organ
  • Yamaha P80 Digital Piano
  • Clavia Nord Stage
  • Prophet 08 rack
  • Mellotron substitutes (E-mu Classic Keys, Taijiguy soundfonts)
  • Motion Sound KBR-3D Amplification
  • Roland PK-5 Pedals, which I really should learn to play properly
  • Various old Yamaha and Roland synths (SY55, TG33, EX5, D50, JX10) which make occasional guest appearances


  • Yamaha Stage Custom 8/10/12/14/16/22 kit
  • Yamaha Oak Custom snare
  • Tama Iron Cobra pedals
  • Sabian, Paiste, Wuhan and Stagg cymbals

Stringed Things

  • Yamaha electric and acoustic guitars
  • Fender Squier P-bass


  • Custom built Linux and Ardour based computer
  • M-Audio Delta 1010, Audiophile 2496 and Edirol FA-101 interfaces
  • Soundcraft Mixer
  • Shure and Røde microphones
  • Various Behringer problem solvers

In addition the studio plays frequent host to various anonymous extra instruments which sneak in to be half-learned and then thoroughly abused under the glare of the red light in the name of music. Some of the noises coaxed out of an innocent nylon stringed guitar recently defy description. And taste.