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Patchwork Cacophony: Five of Cups

Five of CupsAnd so here we finally are: Patchwork Cacophony‘s second album, Five of Cups, will be released on November 7th.

The album is recognisably related to 2014’s self-titled debut, but where as that release had pieces with noticeably different character and was clearly  divided into an instrumental and vocal half, Five of Cups has a much more consistent feel and a musical arc which spans the full length of the album.

There are eight tracks on the album with the first one, Fairytale, divided into four sub-parts. Of these tracks, three are around or above the ten minute mark and the rest come in around the longish normal song mark. Instrumentally, most of the major elements from Patchwork Cacophony make a return — Hammond Organ, piano, analogue synths, the multi-layered vocals and of course various guitars, bass, drums and percussion — but the album also features two guest guitarists. Marcus Taylor, my long-term musical collaborator from Broken Parachute amongst other things, steals the show on Maybe, and Tim Hall puts his stamp on the electric guitar parts on Brand New Day, culminating in the final solo of the album.

The full track listing is:

Fairytale:Five of Cups back of case

1. Are You Sitting Comfortably?(1m53)
2. Once Upon A Time(5m25)
3. The Wonder Of It All(3m53)
4. Life Is Not A Fairytale (5m07)

5. Choices(6m26)
6. Counting Chickens(5m01)
7. Maybe(5m08)
8. Every Day(9m15)
9. Chasing Rainbows(6m08)
10. From A Spark(6m42)
11. Brand New Day(12m16)

To celebrate the album there will be an online pre-release party. I have very little idea what I mean by this — it seemed like a fun idea and if people turn up I’m sure we can figure out something. The suggestion so far is to order or cook a curry, listen to some music (maybe even Patchwork Cacophony) and post on Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangouts or whatever seems to work.


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