Releases | Uncategorized | October 22, 2015

Marcus Taylor’s “Kashgar” now available

Marcus Taylor’s Kashgar album has now been released. I’ve contributed keyboard parts and was even inspired to join in on some of the konokol (Indian scat vocals).

kashgar-preview-smBorn from the restless vision of guitarist-composer Marcus Taylor, Kashgar is a unique musical statement. Eleven closely crafted tracks weave together jazz sensibilities, a classic rock edge and an exciting range of world influences to create an encompassing and innovative album. From dramatic Indian rhythmic passages that invoke the Mahavishnu Orchestra to fiery guitar-Hammond exchanges that would fit comfortably in the mainstream of progressive rock, Kashgar presents a refreshingly innovative take on the future of jazz-fusion.

The album is available digitally on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and the usual online retailers and physical copies will soon be available from Patchwork Studios.

News | July 19, 2015

Marcus Taylor’s Kashgar

kashgar-preview-smThere hasn’t been much activity on this blog for a while which for the most part has been a reflection of a lack of musical activity of note in my world. However, I have been contributing some parts to Marcus Taylor’s new album, “Kashgar”.

It’s primarily an instrumental album of guitar and percussion work with strong influences from Indian and other “world” music. I’m probably not the best placed person to categorise or pigeon-hole it. All I can say is that it’s been great fun to work on and a breath of fresh air musically.

No word on the release date yet but it’s currently going through the final stages of mixing.