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Sketch of a Day, and FO2 updates

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything in this blog, but today I have finally pronounced my instrumental track “Sketch of a Day” finished and so it seems like a good excuse to update things.

So first up, Sketch of a Day. This was one of those miraculous pieces that came to me almost fully formed one night about ten years ago. It was the early hours of the morning and I couldn’t sleep so I went downstairs to the piano, hit record on the dictaphone and started improvising. I still have that recording and most of the sections in this final recording are there and recognisable, though obviously there’s been a fair bit of work done on the composition and arrangement since.

It’s a sixteen minute instrumental based around piano, synth, choir and percussion. It was also my first major foray into Mellotron style sounds. The synth work is mostly a Prophet ’08 played through Line6 M9 effects and the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

For a long time I’ve had this track in mind as the opening instrumental on a prog album, with the occasionally mentioned Dawn Light suite as the closing piece. Now that Sketch is done, maybe it won’t take me so long to dust off Dawn Light and finish it off too.

In other news, Fusion Orchestra 2‘s album is almost finished. I’m producing and mixing it for the band and it’s taken a lot of my spare time, but we’re now at the stage where we’re handing around early pressings of the CD and making the final tweaks to running order and mastering. We’re actually already writing new material but this album, mostly written around three years ago, is already overdue a public airing so we’ll release it as a whole and then use these new tracks as the basis of the next album.

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