News | June 8, 2013

Broken Parachute Opens!

Well we haven’t quite got the album released yet, but in the mean time Broken Parachute now has a new website.

We’ve also decided on a name for the album: ↓↓Down is the New Up↑↑. Artwork is being produced by Candy Medusa of Black Dwarf Designs and so far it’s looking fantastic!

The timescale is, as always, “When we’re happy with it,” but all in all we’re running out of things to be unsatisfied with, so I suppose I could claim that the release is imminent.

And in case anyone’s wondering:

Broken Parachute is a contemporary rock band featuring Marcus Taylor (guitars, bass) and Ben Bell (vocals, keys). Anchored by compelling lyrics and embellished with dynamic solos and musical interplay, Broken Parachute channel a kaleidoscope of classic, progressive and blues-rock influences into the present.


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