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Crosswinds – Meet The Sky

Meet The SkyMarcus Taylor and I seem to have managed a repeat of last year’s unintentional trick of releasing two albums in sync. Last year it was Fusion Orchestra 2’s Casting Shadows and Broken Parachute’s Down Is The New Up. This year while I’ve been getting Patchwork Cacophony out the door, Marcus and long-term musical partner Joe Wee have released an album under the name Crosswinds.

Meet The Sky is a folky, funky, jazzy, singer-songwriter mix of tracks featuring Joe on vocals and acoustic guitar and Marcus on electric guitar and production. I snuck in to deliver a few backing vocal parts here and there, along with David Boardman and Dave Leon, and drums are handled by Matt Snowden (who also played on DITNU).

Marcus and Joe have been playing together since before I knew either of them and our musical paths have crossed on many occasions over the years. I’ve played live with them on a couple of occasions (even one gig where Marcus couldn’t actually make it!) and I’ve always felt they had a very special musical partnership.

With influences like Paul Simon, Neil Young and Steely Dan shining through on this album they’re worth a listen. Check them out!

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