Photography | August 19, 2013


Since the release of Casting Shadows and Down Is The New Up I’ve not posted much in this blog. That’s partly a reflection of the fact that since then I’ve been letting music take more of a back seat. Rehearsals and practice aside, most of my creative energies have been being channeled into my other major hobby: photography.

I haven’t written about photography in this blog before as there has been less to talk about. I don’t tend to review other people’s photos in the way I would an album, and so far I haven’t really been inspired enough by photography equipment to write a gear review. A camera, lens or light is much more of a tool and less of a piece of the finished work than an instrument. I could have posted the results of shoots, but I wasn’t actively blogging the last time I had a particularly active period of output.

Over the last six weeks I’ve had several portraiture shoots, the results of which are slowly flowing out to places such as flickr or my own photography site. I haven’t yet decided to what extent I’m going to blog in more detail about photography here, beyond perhaps using it to excuse the absence of musical updates, but it might on reflection be a good place to post sets from shoots which otherwise tend to get uploaded in very small numbers and eventually elbowed off my main site in the interests of keeping a small and balanced representation of what I do.

In other news Marcus Taylor (of Broken Parachute) has started a blog exploring Contemporary Classic Rock which is well worth reading.


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