Releases | July 8, 2013

CDs available!

Exciting times. Both Casting Shadows (Fusion Orchestra 2) and Down Is The New Up (Broken Parachute) have arrived back from production and are looking and sounding great, even if I do say so myself.

Both are available on CD, but Down Is The New Up is also available on CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes and so on. Currently we’re not widely advertising the DITNU CDs, but they’re available to those in the know, which now includes you!

The work involved in releasing a debut album, what with all of the various social media accounts, the promo mixes and videos and so on is quite phenomenal, and only a madman or an idiot would release to debut albums on the same day. Observations on a postcard…

Talking of promo videos, the DITNU one is on Youtube. The Casting Shadows video has yet to be released.

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